The 10 Most Useful DIY Tools

If you are thinking about conducting home repairs and improvements on your own and have not prepared adequately, you are setting yourself up for a an impending disaster. More so if you still want to continue with the improvements in full knowledge that you to not have the correct tools needed to a particular task. Do-it-yourself enthusiasts know this one thing for a fact; that stopping a project one had begun midway will most likely mean it will remain unfinished or worse yet forgotten. Even the most seasoned re-modelers will often overlook certain tools like the heads of a special screwdriver or paint brushes that are angled. Overlooking such tools will lead to sub-standard results when the project is finally completed.

Avoid unnecessary stress by always having on hand the most important tools and a couple of the not so common ones the next time you undertake your own do it yourself project.

Some of the tools you will need to have at hand will include:

1. Screwdrivers

Even if you are not the kind of person that takes on home improvement jobs regularly, you always need to have multiple heads of screwdrivers in case you need them for any repair to be undertaken within the home. Choose the sets that have magnetic tips and screwdrivers that have rubber handles which will not hurt the skin when you are using them.

2. Pliers
They come in handy when you need to open tight caps or bending wires. Always choose a pair that has clamping or locking abilities since you have full control over such when you are using them. Pliers are often used to grip and turn tiny materials and to twist, bend or cut wires when you cannot perform the same task using your bare hands. For this reason, pliers should always be kept near small supply or crafting tables where they can be picked up easily and put to use immediately.

3. Top quality rollers and brushes
Most often than not, the process of improving one’s home will involve putting on a fresh coat of paint. For you to do this well you will need to use high quality brushes to apply smooth coats of paint. It therefore goes without saying that you would have to invest in a very high quality paint brush. There is no two ways about this issue. Do you research and find out which is the best brush to use for which kind of paint. This is the advice given by Lisa DeNardi from Recaptured Charm.Do not take shortcuts when it comes to the issue of selecting paint brushes. A poor paint job is often as a result of using a low quality paintbrush and it really does not make any sense to invest in a high quality paint and then have it put on using a low quality paint brush.

4. Tape measures
Seasoned do-it-your home enthusiasts can quickly tell the measurements they need just by looking at the project before them. It may work for some people but if you want accurate results you need to stop with the guesswork and use a tape measure. The ripple effect of using a tape measure is that you will minimize of wastage of materials and time. Some builders will opt for the wide tape measures which do not bend or fold a lot like the skinnier tape measures. They are ideal for people who are undertaking a project on their own and will not have an extra pair of hands to assist in measuring the different surfaces.

5. Levels
Your eyes may tell you that you are working on a straight line but the results will show otherwise. People who do not invest in using levels will often find that they drilled unnecessary holes into the wall in an attempt to re-drill a hook that was crooked to begin with. This is the reason why one needs to use a self-leveling laser kit. They are so effective because they let you use both your hands as you work and you will have a perfect job at the end of it all.

6. Cordless drills
They come highly recommeded by Lanet Hane and Janel Hutton both of Nellie Bellie. They are ideal for both big and small projects well!Cordless drills are the wonder tool for anyone undertaking a repair, remodeling or creative project. They can be used in every area. The two sisters say that they used it to construct a wood lath floor to making a toy toothbrush holder. This tool is a must have in any home no matter your do-it-yourself skill level. Re-modelers who take on big projects can consider using drills with a high voltage while people undertaking basic projects can use one that has a lower voltage.

7. A flashlight
Most people will find that they do not want to stop working on a project once they have started on it. For this reason, invest in a good quality LED flashlight which will be your source of light when you have to continue working late into the night. Apart from the LED flashlight, it’s also a good idea to invest in more than one portable lamp just in case there is a power surge or outage while you are working. They also come in handy when you have to attend to an emergency in the wee hours of the morning.

8. Glue guns
Adhesives will almost always have to be used when one is working on your DIY project. While glue sticks worked when you were still in kindergarten, they are not as effective when it comes to holding together craft or sewing undertakings. Your best bet is to use a glue gun. Especially if you are working on a really light project. It’s effective when you have to attach two light pieces like fabric, ribbon or light wood together. That said, it does not offer a lot of permanency but then again that is the beauty of using a glue gun.

9. Drop clothes
It is absolutely important that you guard your furnishings and your floors before you start on a large scale remodeling project. One Brooke Harnage who works with Designed by BH gives this advice – be frugal when it comes to matters of choosing cleaning materials. A drop cloth by the nature of what it’s used for should not be kept in 100% clean condition. For this reason, choose a drop cloth that is not expensive. a huge drop cloth should not be pricey. Chances that when the project commences it will be covered in sawdust, paint, glue, e.t.c. That’s exactly how it is supposed to be used.

10. Other creative substitutes
Most people who undertake DIY projects automatically think that once they have a screwdriver and a few paintbrushes they are good to go. While it may work sometimes, there are some tasks that will need one to think outside of the box. One Lauren Bowling says that she does not shy away from getting a bit resourceful when she is remodeling around her home. She uses her pizza slicer to serve her as a razor blade when scrapping off old dried paint or stuck stickers and labels and can open tubes of caulk using a simple hanger.

You need not feel overwhelmed about getting all the mentioned tools in one area before you begin on a project. In fact Amber Koogler advises that you adopt a learn as you go approach.

Most people will go shopping for a tool once they realize they need it. Just make sure that you choose the highest quality and you will have a smooth ride every time you start on a DIY project.

It doesn’t matter the scope of the project you wish to undertake. Always make sure that you gather or purchase the tools you think you will need before you start on it. Using the right tools and gadgets will not only make the process of improving your home easier, it will also make it fun and enjoyable and you will be guaranteed the best possible results.