Getting More out of Your Pantry – 5 Simple Organizational Tricks

If you ignore the appliances in your kitchen, the next most used thing would definitely be the pantry. It is the first stop for every meal or snack since it holds most of the ingredients. Regardless of its size, design or taste, the pantry contains all the important foods, oils, cleaning products and perhaps backup utensils you need to keep your kitchen alive.

Most pantries, whether small or big work best when well organized. Putting yours in order will give you the best out of the little or huge space it has on offer.

1. Make Use of All the Available Space

Using every inch of your pantry not only makes you fit more stuff in there but also gives the satisfying illusion that comes with a full pantry. By using every inch, I mean all the shelves, drawers, cabinets and most important all the vertical space. A perfect way to using the vertical spaces is using a pegboard to hang the pans or utensils.

Moreover, never forget the hanging pocket organizer trick. Get a sizable organize or loose bag and hang it behind your pantry door. You can use it to store small items like seasoning or small semi-used bags of cereals or spices.

2. Advocate for Smart Storage

When doing your Olympic Village real estate search for the first time, look for a pantry that will not only fit your current needs but also grow with you. Look for a pantry that is by nature flexible. A good example is going for a house with a pantry that features adjustable or removable shelves. Another clever would be looking for one with shelves or cube units that can be moved around the space.

Even though drawers could be expensive, their storing power is commendable. They will organize your pantry better by keeping all the small things in check and preventing them from strewing all over the pantry floor.

3. Get a Few Containers

Storing your dry goods, for instance sugar, flour and cereals in containers is always a good idea. The containers could be rounded or rectangular. The rectangular ones make better use of space hence are a good idea if your pantry is less endowed. To exploit the vertical space in your pantry, go for containers that can be stacked up. Since they are mostly cheap and colorful, they will bring functionality and color into your pantry at an acceptable cost. Moreover, recycling a few baskets and crates to store small items should attain similar ends.

4. Do Not Forget to Label Things

Since you might not be the only one using the pantry in your house, the possibility of things being mixed up is real. You would need a way to help you distinguish between the similar plastic containers or seasoning jars on your shelves. The best way to doing this is borrowing an idea from shopping mall shelves. Go crazy with the labels.

For a perfect touch and feel, the labels would be best on containers themselves or on shelves and drawers. Labeling your shelves and drawers will allow you to split the entire pantry into sections making it simpler to search through. After labeling, encourage everyone who uses the pantry to make use of the categories to maintain the order you just created.

5. Give it a Personal Touch

Even though the whole idea behind organizing your pantry is making it more functional and easy to use, going a step further and making it a lively and interesting place to be in will do no harm. For instance, other than just keeping it neat and clean, you can give the walls a brilliant touch of color or put on some interesting wallpaper. Remember you can create the illusion of size and space by using colors and patterns. Play the trick whenever you can.

In addition to this, purchase all your storage bins and baskets with the pantry décor in mind. A functional décor is good for you kitchen. A functional and beautiful pantry is good for both the kitchen and your life.